We are the cornerstone of the packing industry in Taiwan. In the history of the development of the
packing industry, "CHUAN HING MACHINERY " has always worked
quietly and refined the crystal of its experience ."CHUAN HING" markets various labeling
machines to suit different demands of the customer. Even more, our mechanical facilities are
the best choice for promoting the running of any corporation.
To "CHUAN HING", we have always kept in mind the principle of " a keen sense of
responsibility and sincere service" since the beginning. Founded in year 1977, all our
assertions have based on honesty and setting the price within a reasonable range. Our cost
of production does not rise with the improvement of technology, hence, creates the attached
value of our products. Setting customer's satisfaction as prerequisite, we provide active-after-
sale service and machines of high quality.
As our motto mentions "Our accumulated experience of 30 more years is our guarantee
for your requirement", we have a complete list of many different types of machineries for
various demands.Precise and perfect label sticking is our number one goal. Besides
perfection, we ask for nothing more.